Henry Barton-Jones Reluctant Hero is here.

Henry Barton-Jones Reluctant Hero is here.

Henry Barton-Jones Reluctant Hero is now available in paperback. This thriller detective account of the most dangerous threat to our world created by one brilliant psychopath, is the pre-sequel to Tango Dragon and the Asteroid.

Perhaps you are going through early retirement when you had hoped to just keep on working. Or maybe you know someone who is just retired and lost for what to do.

When young many people dream of retirement and then as you get close to that day you begin to dread it like the plague.

Some active people simply love their work and the human contact of friends and colleagues. Like Barton-Jones they have no though for retirement.

When it arrives suddenly without warning the shock can be catastrophic.

Now discover how Henry is going through the chaos of early retirement and what the firm thought was burnout is actually something quite different and extraordinary.

Checkout the book on Amazon. Read the preview pages to get the lead up to what is happening and then click on the buy button.

The third and next in these unusual thriller detective stories of the Ice Dragon power is expected to be released before the end of this year.

Watch this weblog for news of the third book.

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